Is there a free soundfont with Uillean pipes?

• Jun 23, 2021 - 18:05

Hi all:
I have just begun creating a Musescore score of a beautiful piece of music called "Hymn for Hope", written by Rolf Lovland of the band, "Secret Garden". It contains an instrument called a Uillean pipe, which is a type of Irish bagpipe.

I have been unable to find any free soundfonts anywhere that contain a Uillean pipe instrument. Does anyone know of one, or can you recommend an orchestral instrument that sounds like a Uillean pipe?



Hi, the bagpipes from Crisis General MIDI ( ) are Uillean pipes (You only get chanter and drones in D, although you can easily modify that if you know how to use a soundfont editor, but there are no regulators samples). This is a fairly huge soundfont, but it contains some high quality instruments

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Reloup: The pipes are exactly what I was after. Good sound. Thanks so much for the tip. Using Polyphone, I added them to the Musescore_General.sf2 font, along with about 5 other instruments from other soundfonts, and will use that as my default, in the event I could use Uillian pipes again. They really are a nice instrument. Given that you've explored the other instruments in the Crisis soundfont, are there any that I should listen to, above and beyond the sounds in the default font, that have been significantly improved?

FYI, the best violin I've heard to date is a melodic soulful violin called "Violin (All around). You can find it in the free Sountfont4U website here in a soundfont named "EssentialKeys-sfzbanks". You can download it here:

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Hi, sorry for responding late. You're welcome !

If you are still interested, i think the instruments that have been greatly improved (at least i think) are the Steel Drums (that now are velocity layered), the Koto, Shamisen, Shakuhachi, the drumkits (especially the nice brush samples) and the English Horn. But almost every instrument from this soundfont is better than the ones in musescore GM.

And yes AA Violin is great, thanks !

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Wow, that's beautiful, i've never really heard how good this soundfont can sound as i don't really know how to compose for the instrument, but here it sounds so good, the vibrato on some of the notes give it a really lively sound. The music is of course beautiful in itself. Thanks for sharing !

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Hello !
Uillian Pipes is the sound I'm looking for because it's very specific, and charismatic for irish music
please, let me know how find it and install it
I'm OK with MuseScore maipulation, but I don't know anything about sounds manipulation

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