Parts - Remove Part doesn't work

• Jul 8, 2021 - 15:32

When I remove an Instrument from a Part, it shows that it has been removed in the "Instruments in Part" list, but in actuality, the Instrument does not get removed. When I look at that Part, the Instrument is still there. Then when I go back into Parts, the deleted Instruments are all still in the Instruments in Part list.

This is particularly problematic because my mouse has a switch debounce issue that causes it to double click when I want to single click, so trying to add an Instrument is resulting in multiple Instruments being added to a Part....but it's made worse because I can't remove them with the [ - ] button and have them stay gone!

(Yes I need a new mouse also).


In general, it is best to do your adding and removing of instruments before you ever generate parts. The part generation should be saved for towards of the end of the score development. That's true for a number of reasons, but one of them is that indeed, the behavior of adding or removing instruments to existing parts isn't necessarily well-defined.= (or at least, is defined to work in a way that might be other than what might be preferable for your particular use case).

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It's not meant to be even possible to remove instruments from a part once it is created. Do you maybe mean, immediately upon creating it, before you even leave the dialog, you try to remove one instrument from the part? I guess that makes given you are also mentioning a mouse issue triggering this. Indeed, that seems a bug. Solution is to simply recreate the part. At least there is nothing lost - you haven't actually spent time customizing it.

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Why is there a [ - ] (remove) button if people are only meant to be able to delete a part and not edit which instruments are in it?

Agree that it's a bug, which is why I posted this under support and bug reports :)

I wouldn't have found the bug if not for the mouse issue, but a bug all the same.

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I think it's meant that you can remove instruments form a part up to the point you actually commit your changes by closing the dialog. If you then return to the dialog later, you'll see that button is grayed out. So again, a bug indeed that the remove button doesn't actually work that way.

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