Drum set problems

• Aug 7, 2018 - 15:31

I am having trouble changing percussion instruments in staff. If I use "Add Instrument Change" and choose a different instrument the sound stays the same which works on all non-percussion staves . Also is there anyway to find out which perccusion sounds go with a particular note without trying them all . Also is there a way to have the default drumset be the drumset I created. Every time I go to a new measure, and hit "N" - Input Note , I get a single note drumset


Its easier to help if you attach the score you are having trouble with. Otherwise we can't tell what might be going wrong. But in general, if you edit the drumset for a staff as described in the Handbook, if affects all measures of that staff. Not sure what "default" you want to change - each instrument has its own definition, as must be the case.

As for which sounds go with which note, assuming you are using a standard General MIDI soundfont like the default MuseScore_General, then it's the GM standard itself that defines this. See https://www.midi.org/specifications-old/item/gm-level-1-sound-set

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