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• Mar 9, 2021 - 03:56

I can't create a half-diminished symbol. I have tried a lot of suggestions people have given me. Please help.

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"0" (number 0) has been the shortcut for half-diminished in chord symbols ever since around version 1.1 or so. Works fine within Roman numeral analysis also, and even in normal text when using the Campania font.

I assume you want it in RNA for the third measure here. You need to enter it before the inversion numbers, otherwise it gets interpreted as part of the inversion specification. So, vii065/7. You've typed "o" which is the fully-diminished symbol - again, though, you need to enter it before the inversion numbers.

BTW, seems like you inadvertently (?) dragged the first note of the measure, it's a D# but displaying as if it were an A#.

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Normally you wouldn't be double-clicking notes at all - it should be almost completely unnecessary. Nor should they ever normally be dragged. Doing either of those two things to accomplish tasks that were designed to be done other ways is probably the most common way people get themselves into situations like that. If you explain what is you were trying to do when you accidentally move a note in this way, we can help show you the better way to accomplish it.

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I am not purposefully double clicking the note to move it. Sometimes my mouse is hypersensitive and will double click when I click the mouse button only once. I click once and drag my notes to where I want them.
We had this discussion maybe a year ago. Using the mouse to do actions, like windows and most other programs were designed to be used, vs keyboard short-cuts. I get it that the decision was made to "force" the user to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse actions. I don't agree with it, but it is what it is. You may remember a long discussion I had about right click menus when you click on an element that allows you to do almost everything with a mouse, instead of keyboard shortcuts (a la MS-DOS).

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What I am saying, there shouldn't ever normally be a reason to drag notes anywhere. So that is what I am trying to understand - why you are trying to drag notes in the first place. Then we can help you learn the better way to accomplish that goal. Whether we had a previous discussion or not and whether or not you like how the program works, I still want to help you use the program in a way that actually works well.

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Marc, you are right. Dragging notes is not a common thing I do. But sometimes, I put the note in the wrong place and just want to quickly drag it to correct it - usually one ledger line. I know the keyboard shortcut and sometimes I use that, but other times I use the drag method and that is where my mouse will inadvertently double-click making the note move but not the sound.

It seems to me that in special cases it is really unpossible to get those chords presented as desired. I can confirm that it is possible with a newly created score. But with the attached score that I had downloaded once and put the lyrics in, it does not seem to be possible at all. In measure 3 I typed in Abo7 and got a Abdim7. In measure 8 I typed A0 and it remains A0 whereas I wanted the short representation of Am7b5. I don't know what makes the score special. But after exporting it to xml the Am7b5 automatically gets rendered as expected whereas the Abdim7 remains untouched. But now a new entry of Abo remains Abo.

In other cases I could fix odd behavior of old, sometimes converted from Capella. I'ts alway worth a try.

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Indeed, extremely old scores like this one (seems to have been created with MuseScore 1, well before the parser was added at MuseScore 2 in 2015) have their original chord symbol styles "baked in". You can to some extrent update them by switching to one of the "new" (well, they were added over six years ago) styles in Format / Style / Chord Symbols - either Standard or Jazz. But it doesn't always work completely, some of the baked-in settings get pretty well entrenched. For simple lead sheets like this probably the best way to "clean up" extremely old files is to just create a new score and copy/paste into it. You'd just need to re-add the repeats and a few other things that don't copy.

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