Time signature properties not honored for existing beams.

• Jun 23, 2021 - 10:42

I prefer a more granular subdivision of the eighth bars. I know that I can configure this in the properties according to my own ideas. For some scores, this is also subsequently displayed after changing the properties. With other scores this does not work retrospectively even after an export to XML and re-import, but for newly entered notes.
Do you know a trick how to make subsequent changes to the time signature properties effective for the current document even for scores of unclear origin? Copy & past doesn't work eighter. (s. beams remain in groups of four, file attached)

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When beams have been set explicitly on the per-note level this overrides any time signature set properties (as is the purpose of an override...).

Ctrl+A to select everything
Then click "Auto" in the Beam Properties palette.

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Yes, thank you - that did the trick. I haven't been aware that this "auto" entry even existed. I'd only once put the palette entries that I wanted to use on regular basis into one big personal palette and mostly worked with that so far.

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