Playback on sounds way better than in the program

• Jun 18, 2021 - 17:57

Hi everyone, I noticed that for some pieces, the playback on were really amazing and blew my mind. When I opened it in the musescore software, the general soundfont doesn't sound as good. Is this because the playback engine on the website uses some other music engine/software like noteperformer? I have tried finding more soundfonts for piano and other instruments but it still doesn't sound as good as the playback on the website. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Thank you!


When you upload a score you can choose to upload your sound depending on your individual soundfont setting. Unless you use the default the sound will most likely differ from what downloaders will hear. Therefore I tend to add a comment regarding my soundfont setup when uploading a score with own sound.

In addition to what SlyDr said, some pieces on are linked to audio that’s actually hosted on YouTube - the video portion may or may not be visible above the score (at the creator’s option). In these cases the audio you’re hearing may have been generated with synthesis tools other than Musescore, or may be a recording of a live performance.

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