The space above my header is huge, keeps growing seemingly by itself, and I can't fix it.

• May 20, 2021 - 20:36


First submission and first time using Musescore. The space above my header takes up probably 3/4 of a normal printing page. I can't figure out how to change it (and I'm having a hard time searching for solutions since it's not technically part of the header). It's what's above it. How can I reduce this to a normal size? It seems to grow each time I use the application : )

Thanks for your help!



Hello! In general, it's pretty hard to guess at what might be happening without seeing the score. Please attach it - the actual MSCZ file, not just a picture of it - so we can understand and assist better.

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Single page view isn't designed to show you an actual page - the whole purpose is to provide an infinitely-scrolling canvas for longer scores, so it will look like one long page, not a bunch of separate ones. Probably shouldn't literally be infinite, but the point is, this isn't a mode most people would normally ever want to be in. Just work in standard page view if you're interested in how your score looks "for real".

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I prefer working exactly in single page, because during composing work, the division in pages is not final and is absolutely not relevant and therefore only disturbing. (also, it usually changes during progess of work, so it is not practical use for orientation but rather confusing). Just why any 'word' software also uses the 'single page' or 'draft' wiew. Only the final graphical refinement it is important to see how the pags look. THe second reason why multi-pages view is of less use: It can require scrolling in 2 directions (vertical and horizontal) and therefore scroll wheel can not be used. This problem would be solved if MuseScore would display the pages stacked vertically below each other, not horizontally. Any text writing writing software does this and has been proved very useful this way. ALso any website does this because when it can be vertically scrolled thru all its content.

The problem "infinitely scrolling" is very different: It means that the score can be scrolled unlimited beyond visibility. 1) There is no purpose to scroll it beyond visibility. Scrolling down until the lowest edge comes to the midle of window would be enough, scrolling up until the top edge arrives at middle of window, or even arrives just a little below the top of window, would be enough. 2) There is a very unwanted problem arising with the un-limited scrolling, which I regard as bug: if you can not see anything anymore in the window and then continue turning the scroll wheel (maybe in attempting to get it back and using the wrong direction), it increases the invisible distance, and the larger the invisible distance, the less is the chance to get back to a position which makes the score visible in the window and the less is the comfort while using.

There is a second thing which should be repaired: The vertical scroll bar is missing. Implementing a scroll bar would also solve the first problem, because the programmers would automatically stumble upon the bug! (since a scroll bar has to display the position in relation/percentage of total vertical document length and also displays the window height in percentage of total vertical document size).

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MuseScore displays pages horizontally by default because it's very useful for music, which is different than text. Consider an orchestral score with only a single system per page, horizontal layout lets you read straight across. But for some music vertical scrolling can make more sense, and that's why MuseScore provides the vertical scrolling option in Edit / Preferences / Canvas.

BTW, scroll wheel certainly can be used in both directions - with Shift it scrolls horizontally on all devices I've encountered. Some scroll wheels also allow horizontal scrolling directly. Even in vertical scrolling or single page view, horizontal scrolling is needed if the page is wider than the screen, so this is an important capability no matter way.

I'm not saying single page view has no purpose at all - I am saying it is not the right view to be in if you are trying to check things like how big your margins are, which seems to be what this thread is about. Even if the infinite scroll were changed, you'd still not be seeing your actual margins - the ones around each and every page - because you are seeing an artificial construction with only a single page so only a single set of margins. Regular page view is the only view form which it ever makes sense to evaluate margins.

Anyhow, I'm all in favor of enhancing single page view to eliminate the minor nuisance of infinite scrolling. As for scroll bars, it's a common request since many people never discover the scroll wheel, but FWIW I think there might be such a thing coming in MuseScore 4 (not sure).

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