Will Kontakt Player (the free version) be able to be used in MuseScore 4?

• May 24, 2021 - 15:50

Lots of VSTs need Kontakt to host their plugin or whatnot, and I was wondering if Kontakt would be able to be used on MuseScore 4 as I haven't found an answer to that yet, and if not, many sound libraries wouldn't work which would be a little disappointing. Thanks to anyone who has information about this.


Your terminology is a little mixed up. Kontakt (both full and player) runs as a VSTi/AUi/AAX plugin or standalone application. Sample libraries made for Kontakt are NKI files, they are not VSTs.

If Musescore is able to host VSTi or AUi plugins then I see no reason why it won't be able to run Kontakt and therefore Kontakt based libraries.

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