Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra(Horn Section/Horn Solo)

• May 15, 2021 - 23:54

I've recently downloaded this sound font. Absolutely adore the quality of the sounds included in this package! I am aware that it does come with its flaws(read the text regarding problems with certain instruments sounding higher than they're suppose to be, etc. ). One that is not mentioned in the description is the 'Horn Solo' and 'Horn Section' sound fonts not being able to sustain 'longer notes'.

For example, were I to notate a semibreve that is to be played at a speed of 70 crotchet beats per minute, the note, when played back, sounds for only a duration of a dotted minim of that bar and instantly fades on the fourth beat. Whether it is the tempo affecting this playback, I do not know, and either way it should not be the case.

Is this something that can be fixed? If so, could anyone assist and tell me why these sound fonts are being played back in this manner? Is there a way to somehow extend or lengthen the 'sounding time' - I use this term vaguely since I am NO SOUND ENGINEER, and even less so knowledgeable of the jargon associated with 'how long a note is programed to sound when played back through a 'MIDI system'.

I digress :)...This is an awesome sound font. I do not wish to download another simply because of this one instrument's improper playback. Please help :-( and thank you for your time. :)

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You have to copy to the "Sound Fonts" MS3 folder not only the .sfz files, but also the folders and files (which containts the .wav samples) contained in the download you just did. I assume you did it so? Check also if your settings in the Syntetiser options->Dynamics are like the ones I'm attaching here in this post.

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Lol :-D! I see. Thanks so much for the contribution and assistance. I managed to get those .sfz files to playback through the system. Here's what I done(to others who may experience a similar issue in future, here's a possible solution):

*Download the compressed/.zip folder of your desired sound font
*Copy and paste this folder under MuseScore3's 'Sound Fonts' folder.
*Extract the data contained within this .zip file(still under the 'Sound Fonts' folder of MuseScore3).

*Next time you open up MuseScore 3 and successfully load AND SAVED these .sfz files under the ZERBERUS tab in your synthesizer(accessed via the "View" tab in the top-left corner of the screen) you should be able to select and play them back as custom sound fonts using the "Mixer".

For further clarification, please refer to the following attachments which may serve as a visual representation and/or reference should these instructions come across a bit vaguely.

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