Cross-staff Arpeggiated Chords

• May 3, 2021 - 20:27

Hi there!
I'm trying to put in arpeggiated chords across staves, and I'm able to adjust it manually, but I would like to know if there is a way to set the arpeggio line on two chords in two adjacent staves. (See the example.)


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Shoichi, that's actually, what I was doing.
Jojo, you picked up on exactly what I was saying.
It's a bummer that it won't work. I'll just do it manually.

Thanks anyway guys!

There is a simple solution regarding the notation, just add to the top staff, then select the handle at the bottom and press Shift+down. This extends the arpeggio to the bottom staff; no spacer or fiddling with autoplace settings required. Playback will still require further manual adjustment if you need to hear that working as expected.

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Marc, I want to take your class, but right now I'm finishing a project for Final exams (in the morning!! ) for Choral Arranging at TWU. I don't know what the handle means above. I have sooo much to learn...

When you say add (arpeggio) to the top staff, does that mean the entire arpeggio? How will it know what to bring down?


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When you add an arpeggio, it adds to the full chord. Shift+down (not drag, that won't do the same thing at all) simply extends this to also include the full chord on the staff below. So it's extremely simple:

1) click any note in the chord on the top staff
2) click arpeggio icon in palette
3) on the arpeggio you just added, click the bottom handle (the small square)
4) press Shift+down

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