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I have been with Musescore for over a year,,, I want my material kept private to myself for reason of Copyrights, I have found Number replacing my Score Titles ,,,, WHY ??? ,,, Also portions of my scores are now missing,, the songs that have been replaced by numbers,,,, Isn't it possible to keep my Music Private with your Programs...???????


calm down and stop shouting at those you expect help from... (or get your caps lock key fixed)

What scores are you talking about, stuff on MuseScore.com? Which version of MuseScore, what OS?
Without a detailed explanation and some sample score I'm affraid nobody would be able to help here.

The program itself keeps your music totally private. You have the option of sharing it or not sharing it, by deciding whether to post it or not. But if you want help with a score, there is pretty much no way we can do so if you don't at least post an excerpt. Delete all but the measures necessary to show the problem and post it here. There will be no copyright issues if you only post an excerpt.

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Thanks Marc... I am still looking for other Musescore Users in Sarasota or Venice or Englewood Florida.. to Collaborate with.... if you could if allowed please give me contact information for those People l.... am looking primarily for folks who are musicians who could help me produce my music with live instruments..

If it's what I think, you're talking about the name of the files.
This usually happens when something makes MuseScore to close without saving, like a crash error, or forcing your computer to shut down (Ex. if you had to because of a problem like your computer freezing because you had too much things open and it couldn't handle it, or maybe something in your electric system went wrong, or it ran out of battery).
These names are created automatically on a backup copy of the file (inside a folder on your system) in an attempt of MuseScore to remember (if possible) the last change you made to your original file (since you didn't save the last changes).
Usually when this happens, a dialog appears asking if you want to restore the las session, in which if you click "Yes", a weird alphanumerical named file is opened with the scores you couldn't save. If you save these files without making any change before continuing, the name changes to your original file's name, saving all the data the program could remember, so you don't have to retype everything again.

Sometimes I've seen these weird names without actually "not saving", but I don't know, maybe it's a little bug.
I don't know about Windows, but in Mac on the "File" Tab, there's an option to "Open Recent" and a list of your last opened files appears, and below that there's a "Clear Menu" button, and that erases the file list on the startup pop-up window, so you have to "Open" and look for the files you want to open, but this might solve your problem. This doesn't erase your files, it only erases the list of "Last opened files", so you just have to look for them in your file manager, and then the problem is solved.

I hope this works for you.

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