Problem with playback UI using zooms 150-200%

• Mar 27, 2021 - 08:53

I don't use 100% (or less) zoom – too small for me. The best zoom for me to work with is 150-200%. I noticed that with these two zooms playback UI doesn't work correctly. After 1 or 2 pages, the playback cursor disappears and pages stop to change, so you don't see what is going on. An example file is attached.
(This is not a request for help, but an issue reporting, so "The helper" should never mind.)

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The_Forgotten_2.mscz 34.85 KB


I can confirm such behavior at 178% zoom and half screen width window on my system. Although the pages don't stop to change for me; I do see the cursor run off-screen sometimes before it repositions on a subsequent note, thus skipping a few notes in the viewport.

As the UI (and scoreview) is being partially reworked for MS4 we'll have to remember to retest this when the Alpha is released to see if it is affected in the same way.

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