Add new soundfont at the bottom as default

• Apr 5, 2021 - 09:26

I've been playing around with some trombone soundfonts to find a decent relistic one, recently. So I've added soundfonts quite often. As default they are getting added at top of the list. That may not be the best choice, I reckon. Most every time I add a soundfont I'd use the double arrow to move it to the bottom of the list, so it will not spoil the overall instrument settings.

But the solution seems too obvious to me, so there must be a reason why a newly selected font is put at top of the list. I'm interested in the answer, but I did not find any by searching the forum.


IIRC that had been discussed quite a while ago.
I'd also prefer added soundfonts to get appended to the list rather than prepended

See #276840: Change of soundfont is cumbersome, which resulted in adding the 'move to bottom' button but left the 'append to list' and 'delayed loading' unresolved.

Feel free to file new feature requests ("Suggestion") for those in the issue tracker.
The 'append to list' part should be rather easy, once a consensus has been reached that this indeed it the desired behavoir

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Thank you for the clarification, Jojo. I have now also read the comments in the link you've provided. I think it wouldn't be a big deal to press the button to move the font down, but it realy takes some time to be processed. It looks like it emulates multiple clicks on the down one stage button.
Seems like there are not enough users that are looking for a different behaviour.

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No, it moves it to the bottom in one step, but still needs to lead the soundfont(s?) anew and that takes time. Before you had that on every single down step, no difference if there are just 2 soundfonts, but pretty annoying if you have multiple.

The main use case for adding new soudnfonts at the top is adding a whole new General MIDI compatible one you to basically replace the default. In that case you need it on top. Probably there should be separate insert and append buttons. Presumably all of this is being / has been redesigned for MuseScore 4 anyhow.

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