Jazz Guitar Sound fonts

• Jun 19, 2020 - 11:33

99% of the JG sound fonts ive used sound like a Strat Tele or LP thickened etc
as a player like me with Gibson's archtops you can only really get that sound from a Archtop.
I am generalising here................you get the picture YMMV

  1. jAzZgUiTaR-Soundfont (Version 2.1 - 416 KB)

  2. jAzZgUiTaR-Soundfont - light version (1.2 - 111 KB)

No1 i think is an edited version with volume more in line with NO 2 vers 1.2 is VERY LOUD like 10X
most other fonts. IMO these are pretty usable / good. I have tried unsuccessfully to make the loud one softer, using Viena64Setup.exe i did not really know what is was doing and created so many versions i did not know where or what anything was anymore.

here http://thejazzpage.de/index1.html


I cannot unpack these sfArk-files, like: jAzZgUiTaR-Soundfont (Version 2.1 - 416 KB) coming from thejazzpage. I does not work even on "cloudconvert.com". Any help?
As all other jazz guitar sounds are awful, I would like to test this one.

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Hi the sound is not bad, but to be perfectly honest, dont take the wrong way, its hardly what i would call jazz.
A. the language note choice, B. the Rhythm is not Jazzy it does not swing etc.

Having said that the music is fine its Mike Oldfield so it not supposed to be really jazzy.

Take something by say Wes Montgomery a musecore file cant think offhand, then play it using your Jazz soundfont see what you think , its very hard to get a font that typifies say a big Gibson Archtop, and make it cut thro. Even someone like my self who played professional for years and with Jazz guitars, ie knowing well the sound. i find a font that works well on certain tunes in certain keys does not always sound good.

to recap, i think that your sound font overall sounds good,

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Thanks for the feedback.

I don't know anything about jazz/swing styles but, like you, I try to pick a font which works well with the tune and I then upload the score with that sound as custom audio. Sometimes I uses jazz guitar, sometimes nylon string, (3 variants), and occasionally clean electric.

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