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• Apr 1, 2021 - 19:06

Why do custom palette I recently created show upp as System lines in My swing palette? As in the photo...

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That's hard to answer without knowing what you actually placed there - how you created that palette element. But, right-click the individual palette cell, Properties, and uncheck "Draw staff" - that would presumably get rid of them. Unless what you added to that palette is in fact a graphic of staff lines.

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It's not clear how you tried to add that to your palette, but the normal way would be, first add it to your score via drag&drop from your file browser or copy&paste from the program that created the graphic. Then Ctrl+Shift+drag it to your palette. And the default would normally be to not show the staff lines. But I'm guessing you somehow turned that option on which is why you see them. If you are wondering why you don't also see your graphic, probably there was some custom offset applied to it when you added it to the palette that is causing it to display outside the bounds of the palette cell. Best to clear the offset first before adding it to the palette or perhaps add the opposite offset in the palette cell properties to move it back into view.

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