uploading a musescore score to youtube

• May 16, 2013 - 16:32

how do i do it?


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MuseScore doesn't save any video format directly, but you can certainly save as audio (WAV or other format), then use your favorite video editor to create a video, using whatever visual images you want but loading the audio from the WAV file you saved.

If you are thinking of having video that shows the score playback itself, the best way to do that is not to use YouTube but instead simply upload to musescore.com. This will *automatically* create a widget that shows and plays your score. You can then share that just as easily as you can a YouTube video.

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Well, as I said, MuseScore is more than happy to generate *audio* for you. That is it's job, and it performs that job exactly as I described.

You haven't said what kind of visuals you would want to view along with that audio - pictures of sunsets, puppies, dragons, what? Can you not see that attaching pictures of puppies to your audio is *not* MuseScore's job, so you'd need a separate video editing program to do that?

And as I also said before, if you want to see a video with images of your score itself as the visual component, then musescore.com performs that for you. Have you create an account there and tried it yet?

MuseScore does not "generate a video" and upload it to msuescore.com. All it does is upload the score itself. musescore.com then generates the animation itself. It's not just a video that can be uploaded - it's a widget that allows you to interact with the score in ways that would not be possible with just a plain video. So there is no plain video that could simply be transferred to youtube. If you want such a video - which would be *less* useful than what musescore.com provides - you'll have to create it yourself, such as with screen capture software or something.

You need to capture the screen with a software for that. There are several program for that, some are even free, just query for "capture screen video windows" in google and you should be able to find out. Once you capture your video, you can export it to a .mp4 and then upload it to YouTube.

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