Buzzing Sound and Missing Audio

• Mar 16, 2021 - 03:31

I've been working on a new arrangement for 2 pianos, 8 hands, and I'm having a serious issue with the audio. I keep hearing random buzzing, which is grating on the ears, but even worse, some of the notes are cutting out in the playback, something that's never happened before. This also happens when I try to upload the piece to the website, or when I try to export to MP3 or MIDI.

I've made sure that all the notes I want played have the "Play" checkbox checked.

This issue is driving me crazy, and I need it fixed ASAP! So please reply promptly! Thanks!


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I've tried that multiple times, as well as restarted the software and even uninstalled and reinstalled the program. It didn't change a thing. I'm still getting buzzing and missing audio.

I will note, however, that as soon as I mute even one of the 4 parts, the audio works just fine. However, that was not necessary with another 2 piano, 8 hands arrangement I had written.

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No buzzing on my system.
However, I can verify some notes not sounding. Specifically, Primo II, measure 14 last note and measure 16 last note. Just to name a few. Any piano and only when played from the beginning. Not related to articulations. Does not happen at slower speeds, half = 100 or below. This happens even if I copy and past the part into a new score. No idea what it all means. Just posting my findings.

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I see the score. I'm still waiting for precise instructions to reproduce the problem. Precise meaning, tell me exactly which channels to mute or unmute, and most importantly, tell me which exact note of which exact measure of which exact staff I should be listening for.

EDIT: I see the post you mean. So, those two notes you hear a problem with, but what exact steps do I need to follow in order to hear it? Which instruments to mute or note, where to start playback, etc?

I spent a while playing around but couldn't find a problem. I need really precise steps if I'm going to hear anything.

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There are probably problems all through this piece. But the obvious one I heard was this. As per my post.

  1. Solo piano part Primo II. Or mute the other three.
  2. Play from beginning.
  3. measure 14, beat four, not all the notes sound.

If you start playback closer to measure 14, all notes sound.
If you slow the tempo down to 100, all notes sound.
I also copy and pasted the entire Primo II into a new score and it still happened

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So, you're not talking about buzzing? Yes, when I follow those steps, I can hear a dropout too. not sure what's going on - were there modifications to the playback of these notes in the piano roll editor, or maybe some MIDI input involved?

Anyhow, it is indeed reproducible, so worth submitting to the issue tracker for someone who understands the synthesizer side of things to look at.

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Well, the dropouts as mentioned are reproducible, so hopefully you will submit a bug report to the issue tracker so the process of investigate can begin.

So far you still haven't given any precise steps to reproduce a buzzing problem, so it's too early to say if that's a problem with MuseScore specifically or something to do with a device driver on your particular systyem.

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I've also heard audio drop out in Primo I. If I play the piece from the start, then the audio either tends to drop out by the time I reach the first accent (if I'm using the regular grand piano sound) or I experience extreme buzzing AND slowdown on the first accent (if I'm using the bright grand piano sound) before it continues.

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Update: Here's all the parts with no audio muted. I double checked. Everything is written exactly how I want it, by the way.

I have no idea how to fix the audio so that there isn't any missing audio or random buzzing, so if someone else could fix it for me, that'd be great.

I did notice that, if I play only 2 of the 4 parts and mute the others, it plays just fine if Secondo II isn't one of them (in that case, there's occasional buzzing in that part). As soon as I unmute a third part, then some of the audio cuts out randomly, usually in Primo I starting at m. 10.

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Another thing I've noticed is that I most often hear buzzing on notes that have accents. Also, I tend to have more buzzing issues on older computers.

Still, the buzzing can happen anywhere.

As for the missing audio, the score I've attached is the first time I've encountered it.

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