Help! Musescore basics giving me problems! A4 'Portrait' only half a page!!!!!

• Mar 18, 2021 - 18:07

I've used Musescore for years! and never encountered this problem!
btw..I've just tried uninstalling and re-installing a clean version of Musescore!!!!! but still happening!

Have attached some grainy photo's from my screen, of the problem!

When I open a new score, it's defaulting to A4 'LANDSCAPE' (default A4 Landscape.jpeg).

When I click and change it to 'PORTRAIT' view ..
It's only giving me half a page of A4! (even in the wee preview window!) (see Preview is even half page .jpeg)
..and before I've even started entering in any notes, I printed out what it would look like...
and that too is half a page of A4! (see printed out part.jpeg)

Any idea's of how to correct this?

Like I've said! I've used Musescore for years and never encountered this problem!

Thanks so much in advance!



Pictures don't normally help much, it's much better if we can examine the actual score. But I note in your picture the right margin is set to some crazy high value. Fix that and you should be happier.

The default for new scores comes from your printer's settings, so check those.

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