MuseScore's SoundFont triplicate.

• Mar 13, 2021 - 20:57

I've been working with soundfonts recently and noticed that the default "MuseScore_General_HQ.sf3" is duplicated in Fluid synthesizer and when scrolling down through the Mixer's sounds list there appears to be a list, a list (1) and a list (2).

Within Fluid, there are 3 sf3 files:

I tried looking through my files, But I only found one of the "MuseScore_General_HQ.sf3".
I installed MuseScore through Homebrew, could it be that the other one is in the Cellar files, but I tried searching for that name within /usr folder and nothing appears to be showing up.

What can I do to find the duplicates? If I find it, should I erase it? Is the third list (the one marked with the "(2)" number) the non-HQ "MuseScore_General.sf3"?

What do you recommend me to use?

I also have MuseScore 2 installed. Does that have anything to do with this?


Are you using MS 2? I could be wrong, but I seem to recall different versions sharing folders. I think it depends on how they were installed.
AFAIK, You can delete the extra fonts from Fluid without affecting your scores. Unless a score uses something from the deleted font.
General.sf3 is the default font. The HQ version responds to Single Note Dynamics. I use the HQ version.

As to how those copies got into Fluid? Sometimes when I have experimented with fonts, odd things happen. Adding fonts, deleting fonts both from the Sounds folder and the synthesizer, restarting MuseScore, all can result in unexpected results. I've had cases where I emptied the sounds folder and the synthesizer. Restarted MuseSore only to find the default font loaded in Fluid. That's because the default font lives in a different folder. However, MS uses what is installed in the synthesizer.
The long and the short of it is that don't be surprised by what happens as you experiment.

HQ is not the default, it's something you have to install separately. My guess is that you did so twice - most likely once as a download to your own SoundFonts folder, once via the official extension via Help / Resource Manager.

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Now that you mention it, I remember downloading it again but from the same Resource Manager, I thought I had both HQ.sf3 and Drumline, and when I checked HQ.sf3 was uninstalled, so I downloaded it again. Or so I remember, it was quite a while ago. Maybe something happened with some MuseScore update, I'm not sure.
Either way, I looked into my MuseScore3 > SoundFonts folder and it's not there, only some sf2 and sfz files that I downloaded somewhere. It only appears in the MuseScore3 > Extensions > MUSFE > 1.2.0 > soundfonts folder.
In MuseScore2 folder theres nothing, only the empty main folders.

Should I just delete one of the two in Fluid and Save as Default?

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