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• Feb 27, 2021 - 21:52

I would like to make the title page mostly text (eg. conductors notes) and would like to know if it is possible to insert and size a pdf file into a frame or other method? My search results are almost exclusively to convert pdf scores to Musescore file.


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I made my pdf into a jpg image and the image was so small couldn't read it. I tried changing the vertical frame height but nothing seemed to response after I made changes in Inspector. Also, after adding the image, the navigation functions in the program messed up, and the drop down menu for the changing size brought down the menu for toolbars, and the program would spontaneously jump to the end of the score even though I would click the first page. I'm using v. on an old MacBook.

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Whatever program you used to create the PNG, you need to tell it to use a larger resolution. Or use SVG. But also, you can certainly resize in the Inspector, it's just with a low resolution PNG, it might not look so good.

Also, definitely update to 3.6,0, there are some pretty serious bugs in 3.6.0 that are fixed. None relevant to what you're talking about here, though, this seems like just confusion about how things work, as I'm not aware of any other reports of bugs in how dropdowns work or anything like that.

I think it is simpler to think of your completed score as a pdf document; make the title page a pdf, using whatever software, make the rest of the pages as a Musescore pdf, then join them together using a pdf editor. Same goes if you want the back cover to be a catalog of your publications, for example.

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Thanks. That's the conclusion I came up with too. Since I only want notes on the conductors score I figured that was the way to do it. It would be nice if Musescore gave that option in Inspector, or some other tool, to allow frames to appear in only the conductor's score.

Thanks again


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