Tuplet Arch Feature Request

• Feb 18, 2021 - 20:14

Currently, there are two options for notating tuplets: "bracket" or "none".

It has been requested to create a third option for notating tuplets. The arch as shown in the attached image. Is this possible?

I understand that this is not a popular notation approach (I much prefer the bracket) but it is still used by many people. I can find more examples if needed.


I agree. The current received wisdom of a number only behind the beam is NOT the best choice in all cases. Particularly in a jazz font, where sightreadability is the priority (or should be) having the number always as far away from the noteheads as possible is just wrong. The rule should be 'with the noteheads wherever posiible and where it isn't (because of the stave lines maybe) then elsewhere'.

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No, that's not the rule followed by professional editors. It's true sight-readability is the goal, but that's precisely why the number is normally placed on the ste/beam side - because the stem/beam is how you read rhythm. So info relating the rhythm belongs on that side.

But, there are exceptions - basically, cases where the notes are outside the staff. In these cases, the beam is somewhere within the staff, and now you are faced with having to either place the tuplet number on the staff as well (seldom a good idea), or allowing it to be all the way on the other side of the staff. So that's the main case where professional editors will move the number ot the notehead side. Here's an example showing the three options:

Screenshot 2022-02-01 9.27.00 PM.png

I could imagine someday MuseScore implementing a rule like this, with a maximum allowed distance from the beam to the number. If placing the tuplets in the standard position leaves it too far from the beam, we could flip it to the notehead side automatically.

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