Special percussion sound/note input from virtual piano keyboard

• Feb 20, 2021 - 02:28

The method described in the Musescore 3 Handbook does not work for me.
I want to add a special percussion sound (i.e. standard (orchestra) drumset - e.g. a#3 and d5 on the piano keyboard) to my score directly from the virtual piano keyboard. It is on the virtual piano keyboard but is not on the list of any of the available predefined percussion sets of Musescore3. How can I do that?
Any help?


Kijelölöd a dobsort, jobb gomb, Dobkészlet szerkesztése (Edit Drumset), és ott az a#3-nak adsz egy nevet, beállítod, hogy hol jelenjen meg a kottában és kész.

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