Zerberus problem with sustained notes

• Feb 18, 2021 - 11:25

I worked with the viola soundfont from Virtual Playing Orchestra 3 and found that Zerberus doesn't work properly with sustained notes. You can hear interruption in the sound of the long note. In comparison Sforzando plays it correctly in REAPER. Also, both of them corrupt the attack of the original sound destroying character of the instrument, which I noticed earlier for the violin sound, making it sound somehow metallic. So, wonder if it possible to improve the sound. (I attached all files, so you can compare too)

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I have tried VPO,VSCO, SSO and others. Most have problems with note duration and other problems. When we are dealing with free sounds, we never know what to expect. I agree that many of the sounds in the above fonts seem to be better. But they don't always play nicely with MuseScore. I think, over all, the default general and general HQ font work the best.

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All right! Now I understand where the conspiracy is. I opened MuseScore_General.sf3 in Polyphone and I see that this soundfont works because a loop is set for each sample. But the number of samples is twice less. For a violin it's even worse. I guess SF player transposes samples for each note that is why the sound quality is crappy. On the other hand if Sforzando by default plays a loop (which, I guess, it creates on the fly, though not ideally) on the same sfz file, Zerberus could do the same. Otherwise I will have to change all sfz files for my sustained instruments, and I don't know how to set loops in sfz files yet. This would be a bad karma for Musescore team.

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Actually attacks of the samples were affected by "ampeg_attack" opcode defined in the sfz file.
Besides, for some reason Zerberus plays two samples simultaneously, defined for "mf" and "f" dynamics. That is the reason for strange sounding note. Is it faulty sfz file or Zerberus misinterprets optcodes I can't say.

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