putting a graphic in my score

• Feb 15, 2021 - 22:43

So according to the manual I can drag a png file onto a selected rest or frame in my score. That actually worked. The manual says I can double click get resize handles or drag the graphic around. That doesn't work. It is just there and it is way too big. Version on a Macbook Pro with Catalina


You don't need to double-click, the handles are there just on single click. Or for more precision use the Inspector. BTW, do update to 3.6.2, it fixes some pretty serious issues in 3.6.0.

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OK. But When I saw it there was never any handles. But I'll get the new version. I've been loving what's happening with chords playing and all those engraving changes are making my scores look so much better, now I hate looking at the old ones but I dont want to re-render everyhing. Ah first world problems.

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I downloaded and installed 3.6.2 I created a new score. I explicitly entered a whole rest in bar 1. Then I dragged a graphic onto it. The graphic appeared. I single click it. No handles, can't drag it, ah but I see the problem. I was still in note entry mode. Once I got out of that, everything was good. I expect that other people will also fall into this trap; :) Thank you so much.

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