• Feb 12, 2021 - 06:44

How would I create an appoggiatura i.e. a couple of grace notes one after the other?


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Appogiaturas by definition are played on the beat and take half the value of the main note. What you have here is not an appoggiatura, or even an acciaccatura. It's a trill ending, and it actually belongs on the previous note, not the note after the barline. See the "grace note after" on the palette, and add these to the note with the trill.

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The grace note endings are supposed to be played the same speed as the trill itself, more or less. But trill speed is completely subjective - no two musicians would play it the same, so there is no way to guarantee MuseScore will play it the same as any given musician either. But you can experiment with the plugin if you want more precise control. Or just accept that everyone plays trills differently in real life too and let MuseScore's playback stand. Or, add another staff where you write out your desired interpretation note for note. Make that staff invisible but make the trill on the main staff silent, and you have the best of both.

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The plugin is designed for how bagpipe instruments use ornamentation, so it might not fit your precise needs. The appogiatura.qml plugin will let you modify individual appoggiaturas to different settings, or if you want to get into the code, you can open the either plugin in plugin creator and change the timing - currently I have the length of the gracenotes in PB_OTB set to 50 mils, but you could change it in the code to something higher to make the gracenotes longer.

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To make the appoggiatura in the first place though, add the number of gracenotes you need from the grace notes pallette. You have to click on the main note then the grace note pallette item then the main note again for each (it's tedious). Add all the grace notes before you change the pitch of each one, because sometimes when you add new gracenotes to a note, the existing ones mysteriously change pitch anyway. Then you can run the PB_OTB plugin.

Another option is to use the bagpipe embellishments pallette, pick an embellishment with the right number of gracenotes, and then move the notes after - that's probably quicker.

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