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• Feb 11, 2021 - 16:19

Hi all,

Is there a way to export only a selection of measures to an audio format like .mp3?

As far as I know, currently you can only export the entire score or the parts, but not a small selection within it. I know the work around might be to make a new score and copy and paste said measures on to it to export, but this is a cumbersome work around.

This might be a good feature to have if it is not already possible, for being able to provide reference recordings for specific parts of a score, or examples from a worksheet, especially if you have to provide a good number of them. Maybe even have it interact with the mixer so that instruments that are soloed/muted (or just the instruments of those selected measures) are the only ones included in the exported audio file.


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Cool, saves some time vs copy and paste. Is there a way export only specific instruments/measures that are not directly above/below each other? EDIT: I guess you can make parts out of the saved selection.

Still feels a bit unwieldy since it does create a lot of extra files you have to delete after exporting via audio.
EDIT: By making parts, it's just one file PER selection, so not as bad as I originally thought. However, I think it would be cool if there was a export selection similar to save selection to skip on the extra steps to streamline the process.

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Mute should affect export, solo not. That's my understanding anyhow, haven't tried it in a while.

But what I'm trying to understand is, what's the point of the export at all? What does it buy you over simply listening to the playback within MuseScore? I'm missing the actual real world use case here. If you just want to hear violins and flutes together, solo them and play them, why bother exporting anything at all?

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I see. So you want to send them not the full audio for their part, but only a particular passage? Yes, in that case, saving the selection then reloading that (or using copy/paste into a new score) then exporting would work. Personally, I'd just send them the score and teach them how to use MuseScore enough to practice with it in their own - almost certainly more effective in the long run. But short term, if you just need some short snippets of audio, you could also simply use Audacity or whatever to record the playback. Maybe better yet, do a screen recording so they can follow along with the music.

If you want the full audio exported for the part, not just a passage, don't mess with muting/solo, just generate parts then export those.

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Yeah, I only wanted it for selections of a part (or two, like with a woodblock as a metronome). I like the idea about audacity and screen recordings as additional workarounds/supplements.

I was just wondering if a "export selection" might be useful enough to have as an option under the Files menu. Audacity actually has a export selection so I thought maybe Musescore would as well.

Being able to export your score as an mp3 already is a huge time saver. Don't need to export a midi and loaded in your DAW. I agree though: Being able to directly export a range of bars as mp3 would be yet another significant and useful improvement, especially with the new VST support in MU4.

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