How create a shorter system-line? How to prevent last line with only 1 bar from expanding?

• Feb 8, 2021 - 19:41

When the last line has only 1 bar, I want to prevent it trom un-naturally expanding to full line width. How can I insert a horizontal frame spacer at the right end of system line? When I try, I fail because it insertsy only to the left.
Or, is there a system-break available to make a "ragged right", means to allow the line to end before the right edge of the page?


You can also change the "last syste, fill threshold" in Format / Style / Page to control how full the last line has to be before MuseScore stretches it (100% effectively disables stretching).

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Very useful! Thank you.
Great to use ca. 80% for "last system fill threshold".
I just think it might be worth to implenent a "system break fill threshold" which would apply to any system line which ends with an inserted system break. Or even better, to just create a second type of system-break in palettes, which generally applies no filling (not line-filling system break).

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