Use a better method than default printer default paper size to determine default page size.

• Feb 1, 2021 - 19:59
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I have tried to reinstal-repair no change.
Making a new sheet results in a black picture with a divided heading in the midle Not possible to enter score.
I can start by opening an old music sheet and delete the notes, or by starting with the new feature jazz sheets, but when trying to make a part, I get the same result. (part 1stemme in EnRundrejse.mscz

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Severity S1 - Blocker S3 - Major

test.mscz has a very stange page format, 99,82 mm * 23,88 mm and also strange page borders, 0.00mm on the 'inner' page border (left for odd, right for even)
As it works for that other file there's no blocker at all, not even critical

EnRundrejse.mscz works and looks OK, creating all parts, doers generate 3, whereas the score has hone 2, piano 1 and piano 2, those 2 do generated and look OK, but a third gets gegerated 'stemme' that shows the behavoir of text.mscz.
Actually that third one existed already. When, how, why dod ypou generate it? It seems to be for an instrument that isn't even part of the score?

No big deal: just delete it. Or use Format > Page settings > Reset to defaults

That test score looks pretty strange internally:


Bogus/strange width and height, no page borders set at all, so while 15 mm either side should be the default, those 0 mm that we see when opening it, is not written in the score

Status active needs info

Do you perhaps have a custom MSS set as your default score style in Edit / Preferences / Score? Or have a very unusual default printer or a strange default paper size specified on your system?

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My default setup page is wrong, and I can work around it by selecting A4.
Whenever I push reset to default I get that format.
I have tried to reinstall again, and document every step in enclosed pdf.
Thank you for fast help.

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Maybe I should inform, that I have tried using a .mss from an earlier version.
We have around 2800 scores on our site that we started building 24 years ago we merged to musescore (from Musicator) a couple of years ago and we try to keep the format on the notes sheets equal over time. In this last trial, I did not use the enclosed .mss file. It will be a big work to build a new .mss file for 3.6.1, but we will do it.

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FWIW, it shouldn 't be that hard to update an MSS file, depending on what you actually want to accomplish. Could be as simple as changing the version number form 3.01 to 3.02. Or, try loading it into a score, then immediately doing Format / Save Style. Probably best to ask for help on the Support forum and describe what you are trying to do in more detail.

In your .mss file I see:


Very different from that of the test score

Yes I did not use that style. Actually I found that I can use the style, I just have to save it again.
The problem is my default style. (And the workaround is to load the new spillefolk.mss) every time I make a new part (by loading the style on that part.
Maybe I could copy the new MSS to one of the default parts in c:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\styles\
But do you know which one that should be replaced?

No, definitely don't overwrite anything in that folder. It's not supported, and it would get clobbered on the next update anyhow. If you have a custom file you want to be your default for all scores regardless of instrumentation (and thus isn't better handled as a template), you should specify it as the default in Edit / Preferences / Score. I assume that's what you are doing, but again, we'd want to understand more about what you are trying to accomplish here in order to advise the best way to update this for 3.6.

But do consider also the possibility that what you are trying to do is much more easily and effectively accomplished through the use of templates - they are more powerful and require no special options to use, just save a sample score to your Templates folder and its automatically available for use when creating new scores.

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I have the same Problem. I was working with MS weeks ago. Today Update from 3.5. to 3.6.0 and the mentioned error appears with new document. Also if I start MS with default a new document. I tried different versions of MS to 3.5.x but same issue. I deleted folders AppData/Local/ and Roaming. I de- and installed MS, no change!
Why create MS a new document with customized settings and not with A4 as default setting?
My printer settings are A4. Also Resets dont help!
No custom files at all!

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maybe that is no longer necessary :)
In my case the wrong printer was set as default printer. Its a label printer und the settings are not A4 of course und in landscape format. So I chose my normal printer as default printer and et voila, a new document is displayed correctly. I hope this is the solution for everyone who has the problem

But anyway, where can I find this MSS file?

this is my thread

If so this is completly unrelated to 3.6. At least for @Bbflat it is, had that issue with 3.5.0 too (after a fallback to that from 3.6, including a factory reset).
(There's an mss file attached further up)

Title Making part not possible, New score mostly not possible to make Buggy startup page - removal
Regression No Yes
Workaround No Yes

Basically I don't want to startup with a buggy sheet.

Thank you Mark, I think you have given the right workaround!
I have reinstalled on another computer without the described error.

However on my own computer the problem seems to precist, even complete removal and reinstallation.

But.... Now I know how to work around it.

I have now made a good template and saved it as My_First_Score in the \Muscescore3\styles\ -folder. And it works. I have made the template with the 2 voices we use (that is our "advanced" sheets)
And made the first voice as a part. And I do not have to fiddle with parts by adding a part later on. (Adding an instrument later on in a score and making a part will produce the corrupted page)

If I see the error the simplest is to apply our saved style (which I now have saved with the version 3.6.1 program so it does not come up with warnings. ), But I can also go in and set the page properties to A4 and deal with the corrupted margin. So I guess I am fine.

THANK YOU for good support!

Regression Yes No

Check also your default printer and its default paper format (in the computer with the issue, compare to the one without)
If @Bbflat's thery is right, this is not a regression at all

To use a template, don't save it to your Styles folder- MuseScore won't find it there and you won't be able to use it. you need to save the template (an actual score - MSCZ or MSCX file) to your Templates folder. Then it will be available for selection in the list of templates the next time you create a new score.

why I didn't know that the wrong printer was selected as the default printer:
1. I almost never print out sheets
2. setting in windwos: windows manages standard printers ;)

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Thank you Bbflat!!
That was actually also my problem.
I have recently bought a Brother model P-touch cube label printer!!!
and the installation program has "kindly" altered my settings to "Let Windows set my standard printer. (to the last used printer).
I have removed the tick-mark and set the standard printer to my "real" A4 printer, and now

Title Bad/wrong page format on creating new score or generating parts Bad/wrong page format on creating new score or generating parts because of bogus default printer setting
Status needs info active
Status active needs info

So, is there still some aspect of this that is not just a known / expected effect of having a bad default printer setup or else a bad MSS file specified as your default? If so, could someone please post precise steps to reproduce that?

IT IS THE "CUSTOM" PRINTER (Seitengrösse : Benutzdefiniert)

It is not the .mss file (that was just a "shot into the fog" - a Danish expression meaning that you say do or suggest something based on dubios or no evidence ). My suggestion was triggered by the warning I get when using an old .mss file)

The problem is related to a non custom format for a printer.
It is probably a good idea that the paper format of musescore adjusts to the printer settings but..
It does not work if you are having a label printer.

The problem is that I as user have no clue that it could be the printer, that destroys his user interface.
In my case, I upgraded to a new version in the same time period I bought a label printer. So I blamed the new version.

Maybe you someone should set a warning when the "custom" paper format is auto-selected by the software
(In German: Ein Warnung wenn automatisch selektiert: Seitengröße : Benutzerdefiniert)

So users should get some kind of warning (the same type of warning that I got when using an old version .mss file, by the way ) when the printer auto adjusts to a Non - standard (custom) paper format.
The warning should maybe have some kind of "Don't tell me again" message.

But of course, there are other solutions to this problem, which I now admit is quite small.
The simplest solution (but not the best) is to put it into the manual in some way.

Please find enclosed a detailed description on how to reproduce the error.
Note that I got the problem when using the default startup of a new sheet.

In the end I have given some "workarounds" I forgot to give the most obvious, to change the standard settings of your printer.

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Title Bad/wrong page format on creating new score or generating parts because of bogus default printer setting Use a better method than default printer default paper size to determine default page size.
Severity S3 - Major S5 - Suggestion

So in other words, it's behaving exactly as designed - taking the default page size from your printer defaults. It's just that you are suggesting we use a better method. I agree :-)