Larger Notation, Sound and Playback Taskboard in 3.6

• Jan 30, 2021 - 01:19

Musescore seems to have doubled its size! The score size is doubled, the taskbar is doubled and some features are hidden, which are accesible by clicking on the arrows. Is there a way to fix this and make everything visible?


What version were you using previously? Nothing has changed recently here, but is the last version you used was 2.something, then you may well be seeing a bug - or a fix to an older bug, hard to say. Easiest check> set your score to 100%. if it's not the same size on screen as the sheet of paper it would be printed on, something is wrong. This can happen if the system reports the display resolution incorrectly, and this is especially when using non-traditional monitor configurations. But it can happen on lots of perfectly ordinary laptops.

Solution is to tell MuseScore the proper resolution using the "-D xxx" command line option, where "xxx" is the resolution in DPI. Do a web search for more on using command line options on your particular OS if you're not familiar with this.

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