MuseScore 3.6 doesn't use self-defined Default Style for new score

• Jan 14, 2021 - 02:40
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OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 7ead81d

The version is the latest build. Most of my scores has CJK characters in their score titles, so I tried to save a new default style that uses CJK fonts for titles and other relevant fields, and let MuseScore use the style every time creating new score. This used to work fine in MuseScore 3.5. But now in 3.6 it doesn't.

Here is how to recreate the issue:
1) Extract latest MuseScore 3.6 nightly. Run. MuseScore creates a score with its default style (let's call it Score A).
2) Use menu Format|Style to modify the title font for Score A, and use menu Format|Save Style... to save it as My_Style.mss.
3) Use menu Edit|Preferences|Score, and appoint My_Style.mss as default style.
4) Restart MuseScore. This time the score that created as MuseScore starts uses My_Style.mss.
5) Here is the problem: use File|New... to create a new score (let's call it Score B), and enter the relevant fields. Score B doesn't use My_Style.mss automatically.

This used to work in version 3.5, with which both Score A and Score B would use My_Style.mss. So maybe there's something wrong? As a workaround I have to apply My_Style.mss (Format|Load Style...) everytime I create a new score.

Thanks for your attention.


I find that (in step 5) the custom style sheet is applied when creating a new score via 'Choose Instruments', but it is not when creating a score by choosing a template. In fact, in that case, the legacy 3.5 style sheet is used. Can anyone else confirm this?

I thought this was pretty much by design. That if you choose an existing template, you also get the style settings from that template.
So that orchestral scores can get the correct paper size and jazz score the jazz style etc..

(Well done me for writing in the wrong box, like an idiot)
Good point! Though it doesn't explain why templates open with 3.5 style instead of 3.6 style. (When chosen in the New Score Wizard; if you open the template .mscx file directly. (When chosen in the New Score Wizard; they appear as expected if the .mscx file is opened directly.) Or is that just me?

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I can confirm this as a regression since 3.5.2. Meanwhile, another possible workaround is to simply save new templates that include your customizations. Maybe not so practical if you are constantly creating scores from different pre-defined templates, but if you mostly use just a small handful, re-saving them to your Templates folder after applying your MSS should do the trick.

BTW, it is true that templates can set their own style defaults and these override your own custom style defaults. But any settings the template does not customize are supposed to fall back to your custom defaults. I think maybe it wasn't that way originally, but it has been for some time now.

I assume we will indeed get it sorted, but to be clear: creating your own template in no way precludes you from using the new Score Wizard. Your custom templates appear alongside all the others, towards the top of the list in fact (the Custom templates section is second in the list after the General templates).

Ah, this explains why, when I create a new score from template (in 3.2.3) it’s got most but not all of my style settings (so I start the edit session by loading my custom style again)…

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