No Original Composition Button on MuseScore Desktop Save Online

• Jan 11, 2021 - 03:24

I used the MuseScore desktop app to upload my original composition to the website. Unlike the instructions for uploading using the website itself stated, there was no 2/2 window asking whether the piece was an original composition. Now that I have uploaded it, when it shows up as a tile with other sheet music, it does not have the green button in the bottom-right corner stating that it is an original composition. Is there any way I can change this to say that it is original?


Never mind; I figured it out myself. I wasn't paying attention to a dropdown menu on the edit page on the website. I desktop uploader still lacks this feature, though.

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I had cause to do a similar thing recently, but couldn't work out what to do.
For others wanting to do the same thing (change attribution/licensing), while logged in on the .org site, it looks like it's easiest to:
- Click right-hand top user name (your name) and select 'My Scores'. You are now in with a list of your score contributions
- Then, in this list of scores, click the 3-dots (...) on the right of each score to 'Update this score'.
- From there, you can change the licensing type, and make attribution to an original piece of music if you like. It doesn't have to be something on already, you can choose a name of the work.

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You're welcome! I should clarify (my original post was perhaps misleading) - when I said it's only relevant if the score is public, I meant to suggest, because of that, it only appears in that case. Until you mark the score public, the option does not appear. And even then, it doesn't appear at first; you'll see a "Next" button instead, and upon pressing that, you'll see the controls for that.

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