Multi measure repeat signs

• Jul 7, 2019 - 14:32

I would like to use multi measure (2 and 4 bar phrases) repeat signs for my drum part, to make it easy to read. The only solution I have seen is a 10 step process eliminating bar lines, making symbols invisible, etc. Is there some quick and easy solution to this?


There is no direct support, but it's shouldn't take 10 steps either - just add the appropriate symbol from the Symbols palette and move it into position directly over the barline.

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The much simpler solution to me is go ahead and just add the symbol and don't worry about the playback of that staff. If you want to hear the drum part continue, just add another staff for playback purposes. This is also a great approach for dealing with slash notation and more. You can then mark the playback staff invisible in Edit / Instruments.

You can select the bars you need to repeat, then copy to next bars. Then you go to inspector and define it as “invisible”. Finally, you press Z and select the 2 or 4 bar repetition symbol and place it manually. Then you only need to copy and paste this repeated measure if you need more of this repeated bars.

Though the basic functionality is correct, I have found several problems with the implementation of the "repeat measure sign" (%). I am very happy that multi-measure repeats will be supported in 4.0. I also will be using the "12 step method" in some of my 3.6 scores. Though I may be too late for 4.0 (and my design suggestions may be outright rejected):
1. Currently (OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34), the % is not treated as the notes it is repeating.
1. a. If the % is selected, then shift-left or shift-right cannot extend the selection as is done when a single note is selected (I consider this a minor bug).
1. b. When a partial measure is pasted over the %, I think the implementation should be to first replace the % with the notes being repeated, then overwrite that (same result as if the paste had been to the measure which was being repeated).
1. c. When a measure containing a % is pasted over a measure with notes in multiple voices (e.g., a drumset part), all voices included by the selection filter should be replaced.
1. d. Repitch mode (quite reasonably) skips over a measure with a %. However, if repitch is started on a %, then the % should be expanded to its notes.
2. When doing operations such as adding staff text, the % is equivalent to the whole measure, so selecting the measure should be equivalent to selecting the %. (If this design suggestion is accepted, then the same might be true for the default whole rest and could also be applied whenever a measure only contains a single note or rest.)

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