What's the difference between I-V-I and I-IV-I Chord Progression?

• Jan 9, 2021 - 23:25

Is there any sound difference? What are the differences? How to I tell between the 2?



Not sure I understand what you mean but in the key of C major

I-V-I would be C-G(7)-C
The G(7) to C is what is known as a perfect cadence because the G chord contains B which is the leading note (ie in a rising C scale it is the 7th note - the note which leads most naturally to the C above. This cadence is how 99.99% of standard pieces of music end.

I-IV-I would be C_F_C

The F to C is what is known as a plagal cadence which is best known for being a typical "Amen" at the end of a sung hymn or chant.

The first editions of the book of Walter Piston are in public domain and can be downloaded as pdf (search for harmony Walter Piston pdf).
That book is good and easy to read and will answer your question more completely than a post here.

Best I can do is suggest you create a score that repeats them - say, in the key of Bb, try

|: Bb | F :|


|: Bb | Eb :|

Then set them on loop and listen to them playback over and over. I can't tell you in words how blue looks different from red. I can just show you a bunch of blue things and a bunch of red things until you start to get the picture. And the same for learning to tell the difference between V and IV.

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