"Cannot recognize filetype" when saving

• Dec 25, 2020 - 10:20
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S3 - Major

If I save a file via "Save as..." (Datei -> Speichern als -> /user/Dokumente/Musescore3/Partituren -> Songname -> Enter), an error pop's up in Musescore: "Kann Dateityp nicht erkennen" and Musescore exits without saving the file.

If I only save it, MuseScore pretends to save it. But I cannot find the file on my computer.

I'm useing OS: Manjaro Linux, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 3.5.2, revision: 465e7b6


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Could you send a print screen of what you get in menu File => Score properties.
The first item of the popup is "File path" this is the interesting part.
Now to the right of that "File path" there is a small folder icon.
Click on it, and send a print screen of the result as well please.

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"Are you able to save the score directly into /home/torsten (no subfolder), close MuseScore, and reopen the score from there?"

Saving the file this way or exporting it to another format brings the same error "Kann Dateityp nicht erkennen" ("Can not recognize filetype"). No matter in what format (*.wav, *.mp3, *.pdf) or folder I try to save.

"Ok so there is a problem with the folder in which the score was saved, either access to it, or it has been renamed, or whatever."

I think I did not rename or remove a folder. Also the file musescore claims it is, never existed. There was never a "home/torsten/dokumente/MuseScore3/Partituren/Lied für Dich" file though I tried to save it under this name. Maybe the problem is that I imported a midi-file?

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P.S. Browsing my files I found that there IS a "home/torsten/dokumente/MuseScore3/Partituren/Lied für Dich" file. But Musescore refuses to open it. I can not see it via Musescore's open-dialoge. It has no file extension. When I added .mscz it opens with no problem.

So... it saved the file! =)

Only without *.mscz extension. Mmm.... strange how that happened.

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"Try toggling Edit > Preferences > Advanced > ui/application/useNativeDialogs"

Thanks! Miracoulously I can now save further edits to the file with correct file extensions, with "useNativeDialogs" off. If I switch it back on, the problem reoccurs. Looks like a little bug.

It is a bug between MuseScore, Qt and the Linux distribution. Comes up time and time again

I though to have seen in in the issue tracker too, so this here should be a duplicate, but I can't find it currently

Frequency Once Many
Severity S2 - Critical S3 - Major
Workaround No Yes

Actually it is a bug in the Linux distribution's native file dialog. Changing that setting switches to Qt's implementation and doesn't have that problem