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• Dec 24, 2020 - 14:24

i am creating a score. Have done so before but this time, every time I begin entering notes into next measure, a line break is occurring so that I am being left with one measure to a line every time I begin a new measure and I can't seem to undo the break. My blank score format has 4 measures per line. is there a way to keep a new line being started at the end of each measure or to undo the break to a new line?


If you press return a system break will be entered at the end of the current measure (bar in GB) and the next measure will always move to the next system.

Putting a measure break every 4 measures before you start will assure you never have more than 4 measures on a system. If you want exactly 4 and some systems have only 3 measures you will need to do something to make measures smaller like reduce the spacing is Page settings. There's a preview on that dialog so it's easy to see when you have the correct scaling.

Finally, to remove a system break you can select the measure with the system break and press return/enter and it will toggle the break.

There are lots of other options but this is the one that will always work but is also the most extreme because it shrinks everything, not just the music. See for more options.

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when i select a measure and hit return i can see the little greyed bent arrow icon which i believe indicates a system return is there and if toggle return again it disappears. But in the places where i seem to be getting a system break in every measure, there is no such greyed out icon showing and toggling return is not working in those spots. is there some other reason i would be getting what looks like a system break after a measure that is not due to toggling "return" at the end of the measure?

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In the other thread you said you discovered that the stretch had been increased. In general, the link I provided explains most ways you might be able to fix measures that are too wide to fit on a system. It's not every possibility but includes all of the things I would look at first. If you run into a problem like this that isn't answered in the section of the manual I pointed you to, then it's best to attach a score and explain what you can't get to work. I do want to help you and more so to help you understand how to fix such problems in the future.

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