Tremolo Items Play: On/Off

• Dec 20, 2020 - 22:20

When working with tremolo items on the "Tremolo" Palette, what they do is totally correct, which is to repeat a note a certain amount of times.
But there are times when we just want to work with unmeasured/uneven tremolo, and that's possible with the "tremolo" text.
However, sometimes we still need the tremolo item image to be written, and I thought that I could just untick the "Play" box in the inspector. And to my surprise, there's no such box for those items (yet).
This would be a very useful feature, since even tremolo in huge amounts causes MS to produce lots of white sound and latency when playing.
Another way of doing this is to create the same tremolo items but without any action. Just like putting a "pizz." text and still play the "arco" sound since it's just text.


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Well, these tremolos create a really annoying noise and latency as if overloading the sound card when there's too many notes and instruments together, and it feels like it could cause MS to crash at anytime (it still haven't happened, though). But as for the nodes I've read, It seems to be another related issue that happens on certain computers, and it doesn't look to be resolved yet.

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