Volume and Pan are really both Volume

• Dec 17, 2020 - 02:41

What the title says - I was trying to pan a part and it stopped playing. The pan values are being used for Volume. Volume is also being used for volume.

This is in the 3.5 release, not a beta.

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I was trying to pan a part and it stopped playing.

Do you mean playback stopped completely, or you just couldn't hear the part you were trying to pan?
What specifically are you panning and how are you doing it?
Are you using 3.5.2?

Here's your score with everything panned to the right:
Volume works independently from pan. You should see/hear, the bass part volume is turned down.
See if you can pan everything to the left. Perhaps either the left or right channel is not working so it seems like pan decreases the volume.

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To be clear...
In your attached example, although the score lists clarinets, the sounds for the 2 clarinets are set to bandoneon.

If you solo the first clarinet/bandoneon (using the 'solo' button) and pan left/right, do you still get a volume change?

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