Changing triplets from 8th note to quarter note triplet, etc

• Dec 9, 2020 - 17:20

Is there any way to select a triplet and change it from an 8th note triplet to a quarter note triplet ? Or to change an 8th note triplet to 16th note triplet?

I've dug thru the doc and can't find anything about this. If I select all the notes in an 8th note triplet and then click on the 16th note duration symbol it turns all the 8th notes into 16th notes and inserts rests between the notes - the duration of the triplet stays the same but the notes themselves are altered. The program won't let me delete the rests inside of the triplet (command + delete).

Likewise if I select all notes in an 8th triplet and click the quarter note duration symbol, the first note is turned into a quarter note and the 3rd note in the original triplet is deleted.

What I'd like to have happen is to have the triplet 'converted' to the new form which would, of course, have a different time duration. (I'll deal with that)


Yes, select the entire triplet
cut it with ctrl+x or a menu option
Use Paste Double Duration or Paste Half Duration from the edit menu or a shortcut. I don't remember if my shortcuts are default or user defined.

Note that you need to cut the triplet because you cannot paste over an existing triplet.

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Thanks, that's wonderful for triplets it already sees as triplets.

Is there any way to select 3 8th notes and turn them into a triplet ? (or 6 8th notes into two triplets).

Adding a triplet and attempting to past 8th notes into it doesn't do anything ...

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