Audio Interface Hardware

• Dec 1, 2020 - 19:05

Hey Guys

I thought that I'd drop this question here because I'm sure that a lot of MS users are in the same boat as me and this forum offers great help.

I'm looking to buy some audio interface hardware early next year. I'm looking for 2 slots so I can plug in a keyboard and bass guitar. It'll run from the hardware into MS or reaper in time. I've been asking around to gather information so I was wondering what some of the users here have. What am I looking for and how much am I going to spend? Any used places online?

Looking for tips, comments, websites etc so I can educate myself.


Modern electronic keyboards can provide audio out and MIDI out, (88 keys = 88 electronic switches).
A electric bass guitar (having strings) can produce audio (e.g. for creating an mp3),
For MIDI, though, it needs to be specially equipped with switches/sensors to identify string/fret position for output via a MIDI controller.
So, in the case of electric bass, you need to be clear on the intended usage when deciding if you want a 'MIDI' bass.
MuseScore can import a MIDI rendition of a score (e.g., mid file) but not an audio recording (e.g., mp3 file).
Additionally, a MIDI device can be used to directly insert pitches into MuseScore to notate a score.

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While I appreciate your response please re read my question. It was directly related to audio interface hardware and not a general midi question.

I've purchased a PreSonus audiobox. It'll transfer my signal into midi. I'm just having a tough time getting MS to recognize it. Gonna need more time to dig into it.

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