[Text input] Natural symbol shortcut

• Nov 25, 2020 - 19:06

In text input, why is the shortcut for a natural symbol ctrl+shift+h instead of ctrl+shift+n?


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Actually, "H" is what much of the world calls "B"; our "Bb" is what Germans call "B".

Anyhow, as @jeetee mentions, the current shortcuts are based on appearance, not mnemonics. That's why we used "b" instead of "f" for flat. And consider, mnemonics are only useful int he language they were designed for.

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I remember better by feel rather than mnemonic. My right little finger can sit against the edge of the main keyboard and I use the following because they sit easily under the right hand:
'#' sharp
' flat
; double sharp
= neutral

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I personally use shift+r (for re-pitch) followed by up arrow for sharp, down arrow for flat, right arrow for natural, another shift+r then up arrow for double sharp and down arrow for double flat. I don't have to move my hands for these. I find this easier than looking around the keyboard for other keys. # and = are not so convenient on a US keyboard. I put my left hand on note names and right hand on the numeric key pad for durations with my thumb on the arrows. = disables auto placement by default.

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