Font change misses lyrics with ligatures

• Nov 23, 2020 - 08:40
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3.6 Alpha:
OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):,

I really do like the new font edwin!
When changing the lyrics font from freesans to edwin in the style menu, some (not all !) of the lyrics with ligatures are not changed. See mesures 1, 11 and 16 in the scores attached (before and after the font change)


I see, changing FreeSans to Edwin in 3.6, leaves (some of) those with ligatures as FreeSans.
This seems because they have a custom formatting (as seen in inspector), probably because FreeSans (which MuseScore only has a pretty restricted version of) doesn't have the undertie and so it gets taken from a fallback font (BravuraText?)

Edwin is supposed to replace FreeSerif, there's (currently) no replacement for FreeSans though

I checked in 3.5 and see the same phemonenon. If I change the font in 3.5.2 from freesans to freeserif the same occurences are changed or left unchanged respectively. So this is not new to 3.6 and probably not related to edwin.

I was able to reproduce in 3.5.2. The only strange fact is that this does occur only for some of the ligatures not for all of them. If you look at measure 1 of my example, lyrics in Alto and Tenor are changed correctly.

To be honest I don't remeber how I entered the characters and wasn't ware that they are different ones. That means , I don't know how to enter the one that works :-(

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If you leave the Lirycs fonts at is default FreeSerif you will not have problem and you can use one of the 3 Elision :


If you change Lirycs font, the Elision will remain in FreeSerif, and you will have to manually change it's font

You can try the Lirycs tie :


Note always garanteed, depends of your font, this tie is not present in all Windows fonts.

There seems to be a third representation.
In the uncompressed musescore file the occurences that work look like this:
see img1.jpg
don't know how I entered these :-)
The ones that do not work look like that:
see: img2.lpg
the lyrics tie appears as tie character:
see: img3.jpg

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I have no idea, and pretty sure I can't interpret the .mscx file.
For my own, when I have to use Elision, one of the 3 of SMuFL, I manually do the corrections at the end of entering all lirycs, it is quite time consumming but it works.
It is also why I tell it is a regression, because this behaviour does not exist in v2.3.2