Layout shift (measures moving between systems) on relayout

• Nov 16, 2020 - 01:09
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I have attached a file on which I'm working at the moment. But the problem I have is one which I encountered a lot of times in other files. In the current score it concerns the line break between the measures 372 and 373.
A new page has to start with the 373. When I created the score the last line before the 373 contained the measures 369..372. At the moment I save the score (ctrl+s) a new line is added to the page with just the measure number 372. When I change the line separator into a page separator the measure number 372 immediately moves back to the end of the line which starts with the 369. However, as soon as I save the score again, the measure number 372 becomes a separate line again.
I have also tried to put a line break between the measure 369 and 370, but then after saving the score, the measure 369 becomes a separate line.
As I said, I encountered this problem with other files and then I was able to put line breaks at several points so that the measures became distributed in a way that was not disturbed by the "save" anymore. But in this case I have not found yet how to distribute the measures over the systems in a way that the score still looks pretty and remains practically readable.
I work with the latest version of Musescore (3.5.2) at the moment.

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The solution to the problem is to select the 3 measures and press { to reduce the stretch on those measures so they will stay in the same place. This is a workaround because it should not be necessary to do this once the measures are on the same system together. I also put a system break on measure 369, though it probably isn't necessary.

It seems there is something that is not being updated properly in one of those 3 measures and changes its appearance when you save. This is the bug but I'm not sure which item is the problem.

I would suggest that someone look at this in a debugger and see if the skyline shows something where the width is changing when the file is saved. That should tell us which item is not being saved properly.

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I can't immediately tell what the problem is, but I know these sort of of bugs have hounded courtesy clefs / key / time signatures. As far as I knew we had fixed all known cases, but I'm guessing it's a combination of the courtesy key and the hidden staves causing the problem here.

Title Line separator doesn't work when score is saved. Layout shift (measures moving between systems) on relayout

Adding title more in keeping with how we'll need to search for this in the future.