• Nov 12, 2020 - 17:22

I need to decide a name for a song i made and i cant think of one can anyone think of one


There is an apocryphal story of the origin of the song "Undecided" - a big band hit from the 30's - where the composer Charlie Shavers wrote the music with no title and sent it to a publisher. They supposedly telegraphed (1930's version of texting) Shavers to ask for the title, and Shavers wrote back "undecided", meaning he hadn't decided, but that became the title.

If you want more useful feedback you might consider describing what lead you to writing that score and share it here, so others may listen to it and get the "feeling" of the score.

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This comes across to me as just a flow of notes without a real sense of direction.
Consider thinking about why you wrote this, what's the story in it? Or behind it?

Also try to keep in mind that you're on a forum with fellow users and volunteers here. Posting so many replies to yourself in such a short timespan is bordering on spam. Likewise, it is no use sending private messages begging for replies a mere 30mins after posting a reply (for a score that takes 12mins to listen to..) ; by default everyone in this topic gets a mail notification for every reply posted in it.
Sometimes we sleep.

Why do you expect anyone here to be able to come up with a good title to your music immediately when you yourself, who's far more familiar with it, haven't yet? That is assuming you've actually put some thought into it yourself first.

Sorry for intrusion, but I'm afraid, finally only yourself will find a good matching title. Use creativity techniques:
What are your feelings about it, your associations? Write it down, sleep a night about it or two or more if necessary. Change the location for brainstorming, take a walk or other. Sounds simple, but at least for me it's the way of finding ideas.

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