Adding Two Grace Notes in Front of a Whole Note

• Nov 3, 2020 - 20:42

Please refer to my attachment. I have a bar with the simple 4/4 signature. It has one whole note with two grace notes in front. I'm having trouble adding the two notes (B and C#) in front of the B whole note. I know the two notes are not really 1/8 notes. Can someone help me on this?

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It looks like you did it right. Select a main note and click the grace note in the palette. You can change durations and pitches of grace notes like you can any other note. Select it and press a new number for the grace notes duration or use standard arrow key combinations to move pitches up and down.

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Thanks Mike. I think what confuses me is that I'm not interpreting the grace note palette correctly as to what effect they have. When you say, "select the main note", are you referring to the note on the staff or on the horizontal bar?

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Thanks again Mike320. So looking at the attached Master Palette:

The first five examples create a grace note that is to the left of the selected note
The last three examples create a grace note that is to the right of the selected note
And there are choices in time durations of the grace note: 1/4, or 1/8, or 1/16, or 1/32

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It also appears that the scoop I added in bar 2 for sax from D to D is really nothing more than a Slur with adjustments in curvature. I say this because I see the Slur in the pallet for Lines but not one for a Scoop. I chose the Slur and monkeyed with it to get the final shape.

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A shortcut, assuming I remember it and it's not something I customized in my sleep: select the whole note, then press "/" (forward slash). On a side note, I never understood the beaming and slash for grace's usually just fast and/or styled notes, given the context of the piece.

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