[Resource] chords.xml with sub/superscript and stacked chord alterations

• Oct 28, 2020 - 05:31

Just a little something I've been working on that I thought may be useful to announce/share.


More details and downloads at: https://yingtongli.me/git/musescore-serifjazz-chords/about/


Looks good, thanks for doing this!

BTW, you might not be aware, but for the past few releases the superscripting has already been possible without requiring a custom XML file, via scaling & offset settings in Format / Style / Chord Symbols. But, it's pretty generic, not as well-tuned as what you have, and it certainly can't stack extensions.

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I started this before that was implemented, ha! Might not have gone to all this trouble if it had been a feature then!

I do appreciate the additional flexibility with fonts, positioning, stacking etc. that chords.xml can do, though, and I've tried to build that level of customisation into this resource.

Wow! Great job there! I'll be using that for sure!
The current parser actually has huge limitations when it comes to jazz chords. for example, 6/9 chords used to be supported with the old chords.xml but aren't anymore.
thanks for sharing!

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Actually, 6/9 chords are supported just fine - and the chord symbol playback in 3.5 makes this clear. Type C6/9, and that's exactly what you'll see and hear. The parser is the same whether using a custom XML file for rendering or not. There shouldn't be any limitations when it comes to parsing chords - jazz or otherwise, not sure what you mean, perhaps start a new thread to discuss that.

But as for rendering chords - how they display once parsed - it is designed to support one particular look for standard appearance, a different particular look for jazz. The superscript facility allows some flexibility, but indeed a custom XML file can help provide additional options, such as what is being done here.

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That is what happens in the jazz style. I don't think it ever happened in the standard style when actually using the slash, but it does when simply entering C69. Adding support for C6/9 to the standard XML would be trivial as well.

But that's just one very specific example. You mention "huge limitations", and jazz in particular as opposed to standard. Aside from the lack of stacked extensions, I'm not aware of any particular limitations. So that's what I'm wondering about. We can certainly look at making improvements but only if people actually make specific requests :-). And again, best to do so in a separate thread.

Could you also Help me with an issue? I want the aug, dim and maj also bei superscripted like the sus, but can not figure it out

Many thanks🥴

Is it possible to change the font of the chord alterations to fit the actual chord font. Now the chord font is serif while the chord alterations are san-serif? Is it possible to change it in the xml. file.

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