Unable to install 3.5.2

• Oct 23, 2020 - 20:26

I'm getting as far as 'Qt Qt webengineprocess not available' (or being used by another application?) but can't get beyond that.


You'll need to give us more information as to what is happening and when such a message appears.
For starters: which operating system are you using and which MuseScore installer are you running?

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windows installerに不正アクセス報告が入ってます。

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This is an English-language forum, so you will get a better response if you post in English.
You can use a translation engine to get an English version of your message:
"I had no choice, so I was able to run the previous version of the installation program that was left in the download file and install it. When I update this to the latest version, it malfunctions and closes.
Well, I managed to use the old version, so it's not a problem, but the exact cause of the problem is unknown."

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There was no corresponding article in the Japanese forum, so I posted it in the English forum.
The cause seems to be the Windows installer.
A warning is displayed from Windows Security, "This program may behave undesirably."

It is unknown that the old version is updated to the latest version and it does not work.

Another thing, when I download the score from the net, the file name is only the extension and I can not open it. I added the file name to the beginning and it succeeded.

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I'm using Windows 10 v 1909 and MuseScore 3.4.2. I went to Help/Check For Update in MuseScore to get the installer and used the default for downloading (Program Files / MuseScore 3) - which is where the original is located. After a short while, the Installation Wizard stopped and indicated Qt Qtwebengineprocess as an application with a file that needs updating. There were two options: Close application and attempt to restart; or Shut down and reboot later. I tried the first one, but it soon indicated: Unable to automatically close application, remove all application holding files in use are closed before continuing with installation.
I could not continue as I don't understand what I have to do.

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Try the following:
1) reboot your pc
2) do NOT start MuseScore
3) move that file out of the bin folder and temporarily onto your desktop for example
4) run the installer

If it still fails, then restore that file back to where it belongs; if the installer worked, then manually delete that file from your desktop.

Are you on Linux, perhaps? Seems like a mismatch of libraries. Normally this shouldn't happen if you use the AppImage, but I can't vouch for other methods of running it.

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