Crash on Windows 10 on startup

• Oct 13, 2020 - 19:59
Reported version
S1 - Blocker

Steps to reproduce:
1) Click the application icon
2) Splash screen appears and application crashes after "Initialising sequencer and audio driver" message is shown in the splash

Workaround (sort of):
Start application with "-s" parameter, although no sound or sound options are available.
Application also crashes when trying to open an existing score when dragging the file to the window.

I've tested this crash on 64 bit versions 3.4.1 to 3.5.1 and all of them shown the same behavior. I've also tried 3.4.1-x86 build, but the same crash happened.


-w might help if it is the startcenter causing the crash, but that should be fixed in 3.5.1
Still worth a try, but if -s helps it is rather unlikely, this, along with the last splash message, does point at the sound devices and their drivers

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Sadly I wasn't able to find a version that doesn't crash on my setup, but only checked back to 3.4.1. I've found information that the crash might be connected to the software trying to use ASIO drivers (I use Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 mk II), but I wasn't able to figure out how to disable that.

Ok, this one works with every option other than portaudio, although I don't have the audio in the app if I use it. If I go IO tab in preferences, all of the options are blank, and if I click 'Restart Audio and MIDI Devices' then app crashes.

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Are stacktraces from the crashes, or other crashlogs kept somewhere in the application? Maybe that could help me pinpoint which driver Musescore is trying to use, and I could update it, or disable it.

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@kubak891 , what indicators have you found that this is ASIO-related?

I have a class-compliant Alexis iO2 USB device, which means that it uses generic Microsoft USB audio drivers that are part of Windows. I do, however, have the ASIO4ALL driver installed, so if there is a problem with musescore and ASIO, it could definitely be triggered on my system.

My problem seems to be related to Jack, not ASIO. When I uninstalled JACK2 version 1.9.16 from Windows, the crashes stopped. I don't know what version of JACK musescore is linked against but perhaps it's too old to be compatible with the latest release.

Can anyone else test musescore with JACK2 1.9.16 installed and see if it crashes for you?