Playback on website not working?

• Oct 12, 2020 - 18:03

When I click play on a score on the website, the only thing that happens is the timer line above the score flashes for half a second. It worked a couple days ago and nothing's changed on my PC. I've restarted the computer and tried different browsers, but the problem stays the same. The program on my computer isn't affected; I can play my own scores locally, just not scores on the website.

Any tips? Thank you!


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They are on two different platform because they are not supported by the same members. Those over at .com have virtually no influence on the technicalities of the software. And we (users/contributors/developers) here on .org have zero effect on the score sharing platform.
They only share the name because of historical reasons.

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Assuming you mean, you are having a problem with the sciore-sharing website, you'd need to go over there to that website and ask for help there, from their support staff (see the contact link at the bottom of any page on that site). You can also try posting to the Improving group (also over there on that site).

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