Update to Version seems very buggy

• Aug 8, 2020 - 18:08

I just installed the new version and I am coming across the following issues:
1) When I enter notes sound output of the notes entered is very distorted
2) When I enter a series of notes via my MIDI keyboard 2 things happen quite often
a) the program hangs if I enter a series of notes with the same time value (16th note) or
b) all the notes get entered at the same location (like a chord) rather than one after each other

None of these issues happened before I installed the upgrade


I opened a new score, added some instruments (2 oboes, 2 horns, 2 violins, viola and cello).
I then started to add notes into the violin 1 part using a MIDI keyboard(selecting duration on ASCII keyboard and pitch of note on MIDI keyboard)
I immediately noticed the sound that was being produced while I entered the notes to be very stuttering and distorted.
Then I noticed a delay between the time I pressed a note on the MIDI keyboard and it being displayed in Musescore. This was a lot more than the slight delay in the previous version.. When I the entered a run of 16th notes the notes would sometimes not appear one after another but bunched togather as if I entered a chord.
Also the program would stop responding for 30 seconds or more as if it was not able to handle all the input in time.

I had to uninstall the new version. Unfortunately I could not find a revert option and I also did not know my previous version so I downloaded an older version ( and installed it.
I continued inputting the notes into this score in the older version and it exhibited none of the above problems.

Seeing similar problems to 1. in 3.5: during single note entry from computer keyboard using default piano sound the audio is stuttering/crackling as if the playback is either skipping samples or only partially filling output buffers.
Scores playback normally without these symptoms, but note entry is problematic compared with 3.4

I just installed the new version and now MS3 isn't starting up but crahes al the time. Repair and removing and reinstall gives still the same crash result. No i have put back version 3.2 and it is working again. What is wrong in 3.5? I have a windows version win 7 32bits.

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Probably the start center, if so it'll hopefully be fixed with 3.5.1, see #278817: Start center crashes MuseScore if there is no Internet connection/#275837: MuseScore crashes during start-up while displaying "Start center"
Workaround is to start MuseScore by double-clicking a score and then to disable Start center in Preferences

Not quite sure why you're falling back that far, better use 3.4.2 (see above where to get it)

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Thanks for this work around- I have been having the same problem with stuttering during note input. This work around doesn't alleviate the problem totally, but results in only a slight one-note stutter after the initial pitch when I am using strings. With woodwinds there is an audible click after the note upon input. Is there something in the synthesizer I could alter? I am running Version 3.62.

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