Chord Symbol (Ctrl+K) on drum stave sounds as percussion

• Sep 23, 2020 - 07:20
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Hi Support and bug report:

I wish to report a problem I encounter as below:

When I add Chord Symbol (Ctrl+K) to a Uke Tab or Guitar Tab, after Upload to MuseScore, the playback of the Chord Symbol sounds like piano or guitar chord, and this is good, exactly what I needed.

However I add Chord Symbol (Ctrl+K) to a Drum Score / stave, after Upload to MuseScore, the playback of the Chord Symbol (Ctrl+K) now sounds different, it's a Percussion sound, I need it to sound like a musical piano or guitar chord, is this a bug?

Very much appreciate a response soon, and if it's a bug, to receive a fix notification soonest.

Thanks a Lot.


Workaround Yes No

The suggested workaround of disabling the drumset button in the Mixer appears to work, but is highly suspect because the drumset setting really does apply to the whole instrument, not just that channel. So the staff loses its drumset definition on save/reload.

a simple one-line addition fixes the sound issue:

diff --git a/libmscore/part.cpp b/libmscore/part.cpp
index 53112859b..479b40668 100644
--- a/libmscore/part.cpp
+++ b/libmscore/part.cpp
@@ -601,6 +601,7 @@ void Part::updateHarmonyChannels(bool isDoOnInstrumentChanged, bool checkRemoval
             Channel* c = new Channel(*instr->channel(0));
             // default to program 0, which is piano in General MIDI
+            c->setBank(0); // needed esp. in case of a Drumset

The Mixer still doesn't show it to be "Grand Piano" (but "Standard", like for a drumset) and so doesn't allow it to get changed to another sound (like e.g. "Guitar") though. And if you try to change it, it reverts to a percussion sound, so this change is nothing but a quick band-aid unfortunately.

The difference in the mscz/mscx file is:

        <Channel name="harmony">
          <controller ctrl="0" value="0"/>    <<<<<<<<< value set to 0 vs. 1 here

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Thanks for all the effort. Sounds a bit too technical for me now that I am lost.

What I need is Chord Symbol on drum stave to sound like Grand Piano (instead of percussion) after I upload to MuseScore website and start play back from the website. Once you go into tweaking the mixer, I am lost.

Any simpler explanation or simple steps you can provide for the fix?

The easiest solution is to hope it gets included in 3.5.1 then use that when it comes out. You'll usually see an automated message from Git Message saying Fixed in branch 3.x, commit... when it's merged into the next release.

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